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Have you ever drunk a Purple Cow?

purple cow drink (source: Flickr's Bethany L. King)

A simple recipe for a drink I call a Purple Cow has always  made my boys very happy. It makes me happy, too, because the PC packs a healthy dose of fruit, and is loaded with potassium, vitamin C, calcium, and fiber for their growing bodies.

Jared, Jacob, and they're all in high school or college.
Jared, Jacob, and Justin…now they’re all in high school or college! Can’t believe it sometimes.

I’ve made these for years…it’s a healthy drink (unlike the soda-based Purple Cow in restaurants) that I felt good about giving them, as the nutrients helped them fight viruses all year long.

Here’s what I do…and they still love it when I wake them up with these on warm spring days!

Mama Steph’s Purple Cow

2 ripe bananas, peeled (frozen peeled bananas are best, but I’ve used room temperature, as well)

2 cups cold fat free milk

3TBS frozen grape juice concentrate (make sure it’s grape juice, not “grape drink”)

2TBS frozen apple juice concentrate (vitamin C added, if you find it)


Place all ingredients in jar of blender, and blend until mixed well. Makes two small or one large Purple Cow drink.


  • Bananas that are ripening too quickly for your liking should not be tossed; peel them and store them in a zipper freezer bag to make things like this drink or banana bread.
  • Store leftover drink mix in small freezer containers to use for more Purple Cows. They’ll want them, trust me! 🙂
  • Add other fruits for fun, flavor and nutrients, such as frozen blueberries!

purple cow photo by Miletbaker on flickr commons

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Purple cow drink image by Bethany L. King on Flickr Creative Commons.

Purple cow animal image by Miletbaker on Flickr Creative Commons

Copyright 2013 Stephanie Hill Frazier. All rights reserved.


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