Some things are better than cookies

I love baking cookies. You know this about me. I have shared quite a few recipes with you here for them: sugar cookies infused with the essence of lemon, Justin’s special peanut butter cookies, and others. Baking cookies is therapeutic for me, in a way. When there’s something on my mind and I can’t shake it, I go to the kitchen and start mixing dry ingredients, softening butter, and inventing things to share with my family, friends, and customers.  It’s sort of like when there is a song stuck in my head, and I have to listen to other songs to get it out. Don’t you hate that? Well, for me, the cure for nagging thoughts and things I can’t fix is to bake for someone.

Cherry-Chocolate Chip

This is why I love my little business. I can make your day happier if I make cookies for you. I have baked for  wives who wanted a different way to celebrate a husband’s birthday. I have made cookies for children who had just lost their mom to cancer. I’ve made them for women mourning anniversaries of loss.  I’ve made cookies for wives who don’t like to bake but who want to have something in their cookie jar for the family. And I’ve baked for single guys who were just hungry.  A reminder of mom’s kitchen, perhaps?  🙂

That’s why you call me. However, the reason that I respond is that I love meeting you. I love seeing your face light up when you see the bag of sweet comfort in my basket with your name on it.  I love seeing your grandchildren ask you “may I have just one more?” before sticking their little hand in the cookie bag. I love wrapping my arms around you when you have tears in your eyes, telling me why you needed a little comfort food. I love the look of ecstasy on your face when you take that first bite! This is my favorite part of having MamaSteph’s Cookies.

The past three days that I spent at HEAP, the most amazing antiques show I’ve ever been to, were overflowing with opportunities for me to meet you and share my cookies with you. The women who invited me to set up a table at the show, Terri, Jana, Stephanie, and Mo, were incredible, inspiring, and fun people to spend three days with. My friend Kaye, who helped me with the baking for and selling at the show, was a loving, strong, fun woman to have had  beside me during the event, and Todd, her husband, was a  blessing to us as he filled in for her when needed.  The people who are already fans of MamaSteph’s cookies on Facebook, as well as readers of this blog, blessed me by introducing themselves to me and letting me get to know them a little bit better.  The children, whose little faces brightened when they found cookies in the center of this place mommy made them come to and be quiet at, were a huge treat for me. I loved it.

First day at HEAP & ready to meet you!
Emily chose peanut butter chocolate chip for her family to take home!

I wish you had all been there!

One end of my cookie table

Mo, Jana, Terri, and Stephanie: such amazing talent among these women

I asked her how she liked the creme de menthe cookie! 🙂























The next time I am out with my cookies somewhere, I’ll let you know so maybe I’ll get to meet more of you! The next thing on my personal agenda is graduation dinner at Edom Bakery on Tuesday night.  I’m so excited!  Are you going to join me for dinner? Call 903-852-5552 for reservations. I’m going to feed you so well! 🙂

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(recipe for cherry-chocolate chip cookies pictured above: Cherry Chocolate Chip Comfort from MamaSteph)


8 thoughts on “Some things are better than cookies

  1. having just finished 2/3 of the bag of lemon sugar cookies i bought saturday – i oh-so-generously gave my mother the other 3rd – i can tell you will be a hard habit to break. cookies for supper and cookies for breakfast. 🙂 they were yummmm- my!

  2. MamaSteph, you’ve done it again! Very seldom do I read one of your posts without coming away with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful person you are! And what a blessing to be able to call you friend.
    And I wish I could have been there!

  3. These look absolutely delicious and that all the long nights of baking paid off. I’m going to be drooling in my cubicle all morning! Thank you again for all of your help =)

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I am so sorry to make you drool. 😉 You’re welcome for the help; if I can help you with anything else, let me know…..as long as it’s not math or science.

  4. I am so sad that I didn’t get a chance to grab some yummy cookies while browsing at HEAP! I def. will have to know the next time you have them out and about…I am ALWAYS up for some good cookies!!!! 🙂

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