Mama Steph’s “Black & White” chocolate chip cookie bars

My guys went to a car wash this afternoon to raise money for summer camp. The car wash was set to last from9am-3pm, so I knew when they came home they’d be tired, maybe a bit sunburned, and hungry for a treat. I had a lot of other projects going on today, so I didn’t… Continue reading Mama Steph’s “Black & White” chocolate chip cookie bars



Some things are better than cookies

I love baking cookies. You know this about me. I have shared quite a few recipes with you here for them: sugar cookies infused with the essence of lemon, Justin’s special peanut butter cookies, and others. Baking cookies is therapeutic for me, in a way. When there’s something on my mind and I can’t shake… Continue reading Some things are better than cookies


Cherry Chocolate Chip Comfort

Ina Garten once said “You can be miserable before you eat a cookie; you can be miserable after you eat a cookie. But you can’t be miserable while you are eating a cookie.”    I agree with her, as long as the cookie you’re eating is a really good cookie, not some store-bought, preservative-laden,  hard and… Continue reading Cherry Chocolate Chip Comfort