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Easy Sunday morning muffins

I looked into my cabinets this morning, after a week of work and activity that kept me very busy, and realized that there wasn’t much in there to work with! My last trip to the grocery store was eight days ago.  Hmm. It was challenging and, honestly, a bit of a relief.  Limited ingredients  eliminates… Continue reading Easy Sunday morning muffins


Some things are better than cookies

I love baking cookies. You know this about me. I have shared quite a few recipes with you here for them: sugar cookies infused with the essence of lemon, Justin’s special peanut butter cookies, and others. Baking cookies is therapeutic for me, in a way. When there’s something on my mind and I can’t shake… Continue reading Some things are better than cookies


MamaStephF….the professional baker?

My sister and I are dreaming about and planning to open a bakery someday in the not-too-distant (we hope) future. We both love to bake.  We love to spend time together baking (or anything, really)  and think this would be a great gift to ourselves! 🙂 I also love to feed people; I get so… Continue reading MamaStephF….the professional baker?