Christmas Gift Ideas for Reasonable People Who Love to Cook and Look Pretty or Love Someone Who Does

Christmas.  It’s only 16 days away!  I love this time of year, but it is simply moving along too quickly this year, for some reason! So much is going on, and time needs to slow down so we can all enjoy the goings-on!  I haven’t even got my tree up yet!  (Don’t judge.)  😉

I did start my gift-buying on Monday, at least, and have been looking online for unique things that will make special gifts.  I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you in case you’re still searching for ideas, like me!

The first thing I bought was something sparkly from Felicity Rose Fine Jewelry which is owned by my friend Jennifer. I won’t say what I  bought, as the receiver might read this! But, let me assure you, it is gorgeous, sparkly, and one of a kind! She has gifts in all price ranges, so no matter your budget, Jennifer has something for you.  She really uses beautiful materials and has a great eye for sparkly style!

Hugs and Kisses Bracelet By Jennifer Hortman












Another fun place to shop is Girls Can Tell, another Etsy shop that I have found some really unusual kitchen towels, prints, note pads, organic totes, and more. Prices range from $6 to $45.  Something fun for everyone! I’m thinking of getting this towel set for a chef that I know:

Butcher Towel from Girls Can Tell











Now, my favorite crochetess (that’s a word, right? a female who crochets?) is my sister, Sherrin.  She made for me my favorite all-time scarf last year, and over Thanksgiving she gave me a gorgeous silvery-gray wrap!  She’s gifted!

The soft, beautiful scarf Sherrin made for me















I found another “crochetess” that I like a lot recently.  Her shop on Etsy has some amazing pieces.  Her prices start at $40  (well worth it) and she offers gift wrap, as well.  Handy! I promise you, you will see scarves here that you won’t see in any mall, and definitely not at a discount store. They’re so creative! Here’s the link:  Cricket’s Creations and here is one of my favorite pieces she’s done (there are 252 items in her store. Amazing!)

Cricket's "Red and Pink Delight" Scarf











I love these placemats, and they are from a really loaded-with-ideas site that is also planet-friendly, The Hunger Site. They have lots of charities that they benefit, ranging from feeding the hungry to helping pet charities and protecting the rainforest.  I love these unusual  line drawing placemats and would love to find them under the tree!  Plus, buying them will fund 25 cups of food for the hungry.











Now, this next store also has beautiful gifts in all price ranges, and they are the nicest people! This is a local Tyler, Texas business, and I have several pieces of their jewelry.  Every piece comes in a lovely box with its own card that describes the meaning of the piece, as well as a verse of scripture that it is based upon.  So special and meaningful! There are pieces made specifically for many life events: baptism/christening, broken heart, cancer recovery, prodigal children, anniversary, holidays, military, and more.  You can check them out at Sterling Grace Website.  These are the pieces that I own and cherish:

Grace Pendant
GIG LIG = God is good, Life is good!















And there’s a great sale going on at Crate and Barrel; I love these dishtowels, and they’re only $2.95 each!  Adorable Dish Towels!

Cucina Verde Dishtowel

Hearty Greens Dishtowel























One last thing, which I find completely adorable:  This gift is great for the owl-lover who has an apple computer. Check it out!  Pretty much anything with an owl on it is a winner this year, but I especially love this idea: Apple Owl Decal

Owl Decal for Apples $10















Better get busy if you like any of these ideas! Not long left to order things by mail without paying extra charges. And you don’t want anything to sell out if you’re interested.  Have fun!

Have a lovely, Merry Christmas!


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