So many things to do!

There seems to be more to do in the months of October, November and December than any other time of the year; at least in my life.  Maybe yours, too!  It’s all good, but it takes a lot of energy and focus.  And coffee.  😉
By way of example, let me fill you in on the next ten days in my life.  Thursday through Saturday of this week I will be selling my fabulous, chewy cookies at an amazing antique sale called HEAP.  This show is put together by a group of four or five women who wanted a special, unique show and sale that was local to us in Tyler; they usually travel to do these kinds of things. I’m so glad they decided to do it, because I went in the warehouse it was being assembled in on Monday, and I saw beautiful and amazing things! Let me share a few pictures with you; if you are local, you will want to stop by, trust me:

So much here is handmade. Amazing.


I can't wait to dig through these!

There is so much more that I haven’t even seen yet; the ladies are still working on the space! The show opens Thursday, November 4, at 9am.  I hope to see you there! (302 E. Locust, downtown Tyler, adjacent to Ye Olde City Antique Mall.)






























The next thing on my agenda is the graduation dinner for my cooking class with Chef Jackson York. Tuesday night, November 9, we students are going to serve graduation dinner to friends and family at Edom Bakery & Grill. I’m so excited about this! Look at the menu we composed for the evening:

Doesn’t it sound delicious? If you are local, you are invited to attend! Please join us! We recommend reservations, as these dinners often sell out.  The number is 903-852-5552.

Your chefs for the evening of November 9.

Me, learning to cook for you!
Me, learning to cook for you!

The next big event is on Saturday, November 13; it is The Great American Peanut Butter Festival! The festival will take place in the city of Grand Saline, Texas.  We have so many activities planned! A big parade, a beauty pageant, a local celebrity bake-off with contestants Mark Scirto and Gracie Maldonado from KLTV7 in Tyler, motivational speaker Patti Foster, and local DJ Jennifer Winborn from Christian radio station KVNE. They’ll be making dessert recipes that include…what else, peanut butter…. with students from Grand Saline High School!

Judges for the contest include Amy Pearson, editor of IN Magazine in Tyler, Texas, and State of Texas Chef of the Year for 2010, Chef Jackson York of Edom Bakery and Grill.

The festival will benefit the East Texas Food Bank; bring a jar of any brand of peanut butter to share with this amazing organization!

For more information about the festival, watch CBS 19 in Tyler this coming Monday morning, November 8, at 6am, as organizers from the Peanut Butter Festival will be interviewed by my friend Bryan Houston and co-host Lisa Spooner on CBS 19 This Morning! Thanks, guys, for helping us promote this great event!

I hope to see you at all three of these events in the next ten days! Come have some of my MamaSteph’s Cookies at HEAP while you shop for amazing finds, then have dinner with me on Tuesday night at Edom Bakery and Grill, and, finally,  join me for the Great American Peanut Butter Festival on Saturday the 13th! You’ll love it all!  🙂   I can’t wait to see you!


5 thoughts on “So many things to do!

  1. Well mamastephf, it looks like we may see each other next Saturday in Grand Saline. Looks like a fun event. I should come hungry with a PBJ sandwich of Record Size….Oh my…lots of PB stuck to the roof of my mouth after that event. Looks like fun. If you see me, come over and say hello.

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