Christmases Past

I remember Christmas when I was a little girl in North Carolina.  As well as actual memories, I have memories that are probably just derived from stories mom and dad told combined with the pictures in the photo albums full of old pictures mom kept.  Don’t you love looking back on old pictures? Christmas was… Continue reading Christmases Past



So many things to do!

There seems to be more to do in the months of October, November and December than any other time of the year; at least in my life.  Maybe yours, too!  It’s all good, but it takes a lot of energy and focus.  And coffee.  😉 By way of example, let me fill you in on… Continue reading So many things to do!


Cooking Up a Storm w/MamaSteph on KLTV!

My friends at KLTV in Tyler invited me to fill in for Grant Dade today during his Friday morning cooking segment, “Cooking Up a Storm, ” as he was unable to be there this morning.  I gladly took them up on it! When I was with them for In The Kitchen back in August, it… Continue reading Cooking Up a Storm w/MamaSteph on KLTV!