U2 360 tour in Dallas

My sister, on the right, and me at dinner before the show
My sister, on the right, and me at dinner before the show
My sister and I, along with beautiful friends Kyli and Angela, were blessed with the opportunity to see U2 in concert on October 12 at the new Cowboys stadium in Dallas. This, my friends, was a true dream come true for us. My friend Travis called it on Facebook “a bucket list experience.” I concur.
This band has been a favorite of ours since the 1980’s. My sister and I both are those types of fans who don’t just know the radio hits, but virtually every song on every cd. We get the obscure references. We know the band members’ real names. We love. We were afraid this might be annoying to those sitting around us in the venue, but we had only one boring couple near us, right beside my sis, who just sat there, and looked rather annoyed that everyone around them was dancing and singing as riotously as possible. I thought, perhaps, they might have been happier waiting for the dvd to be released. The other nearly hundred-thousand people present were on our feet having an experience. 🙂

I can’t convey to you, especially if you don’t love this band and their music, the largeness of the experience as we felt it. I will tell you, and please do not scoff at me (well, you can if you choose, just please don’t let me know you did) that at the end of the show, when Bono was singing “With or Without You,” that I stopped singing and closed my eyes and focused on his voice. What a connection I felt; a song that I have sung and loved for many years was being sung to us, in the same “room,” by the man from whose brain and heart the words came. I just stood there and took in that moment. I will always remember it.


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