Everyone’s home, so mama cooks!

brownies 003It was an unusual occurrence, brought about by the beautiful and much-needed rain falling on East Texas: all five of us in the family were going to be home ALL DAY.  It was so nice to sleep in, then get up and go to a local used bookstore by myself to browse around (found a lovely copy of East of Eden for $1), and then buy groceries for the week.  So many of my friends, in real life as well as on Twitter, say they despise grocery shopping! I must be strange, because I love it. I love the possibilities of fun things to cook and share with my family and friends. I hit two grocery stores, got some yummy things, and came home to begin cooking and baking for my guys.

First, I made an eggplant lasagna. No, wait, first I took a football nap. The UT game was on t.v., so I kicked my oldest off my couch and took a thirty-minute nap.  It was fantastic! I love sleeping to football, as do some of my friends.  Men seem o.k. with that; they don’t mind that we’re not shouting and cheering and watching with them, as long as we’re in the room with them. I think they just want our company.

Anyway, I threw together an eggplant lasagna after the football nap. The boys were all unsure of it, as they didn’t think they liked eggplant. They said, “ewww.” I said, “Just wait! You’ll love it!” I assembled that, stuck it in the oven, and then began working on their buffalo wings. (What’s college football without buffalo wings?) I use Frank’s Wing Sauce and doctor it up with butter and tabasco sauce, and they love it. While they were eating the wings and french fries, I threw together my most-requested kind of brownies, which are dark and chocolate-y and topped with chocolate chip cookie dough, and then baked. Everyone who has eaten them has fallen in love with them.

If anyone’s interested, I can post the eggplant lasagna recipe later.  It was so delicious, and the boys ended up eating several servings of it, each, after polishing off their wings.  So much for their not liking eggplant!

Chocolate chip cookie-topped brownies
Chocolate chip cookie-topped brownies

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