Mama Steph’s “quik” frozen banana coffee smoothie

Williams-Sonoma, a favorite longtime culinary resource, is celebrating smoothie week this week! Smoothies are perfect for busy, hungry, or impatient people, because they’re easy to make in a hurry, they fill you up with creamy goodness, and they can be as decadent or as healthful as you like. I often enjoy being creative and making… Continue reading Mama Steph’s “quik” frozen banana coffee smoothie



Everyone’s home, so mama cooks!

It was an unusual occurrence, brought about by the beautiful and much-needed rain falling on East Texas: all five of us in the family were going to be home ALL DAY.  It was so nice to sleep in, then get up and go to a local used bookstore by myself to browse around (found a… Continue reading Everyone’s home, so mama cooks!