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Cooking basics: Simply perfect banana pudding

Sometimes, simple traditional recipes are perfect without modern embellishment. Banana pudding is one of those recipes!


Mama Steph’s Cinnamon-chocolate chip cookie bars

My cinnamon-chocolate chip cookie bars are so simple to make, and they feature ingredients which you likely already have in your kitchen, which everyone appreciates, of course. The lovely result of the easy, no-mixer-needed preparation is a pan of nicely dense, chewy bars with a lovely cinnamon flavor, accented by nuggets of velvety smooth, chocolate… Continue reading Mama Steph’s Cinnamon-chocolate chip cookie bars

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Spiced apple-pumpkin bread with dried cranberries

What a miracle…a white Christmas in East Texas!  I’ve lived in Texas for 14 years now, and though we’ve had snow at other  times, we’ve never had an actual white Christmas….until yesterday.     It was fun and so beautiful. It made the day even more special. Also, I got to feed kids and family… Continue reading Spiced apple-pumpkin bread with dried cranberries


Nanny’s Chocolate Icing

“No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.” ~ Laurie Colwin I love this quote by American author Laurie Colwin; I think most cooks feel this connection with… Continue reading Nanny’s Chocolate Icing