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Mama Steph’s Chicken-Asparagus Pasta Toss

Here is a great meal idea that I love to make for my family. It’s very quick to prepare; even on a weeknight after work, you’ll have time to make this! The flavors of the vegetables,  garlic, olive oil,  chicken and  pasta all come together to make this cheerful, healthy main dish that your family… Continue reading Mama Steph’s Chicken-Asparagus Pasta Toss

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Sausage-gnocchi soup – a six ingredient recipe!

Hey you, tired person about to doze off looking at the screen…wake up! Just long enough to read this.  🙂 I know you’re busy. You work, whether inside your home or outside (perhaps both), you may be a parent, and you’re  just as busy as I am.  Some days we don’t know whether we’re coming… Continue reading Sausage-gnocchi soup – a six ingredient recipe!

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Heart-healthier Italian sausage-rigatoni bake

Happy February, everybody!  It’s American Heart Health month, and yesterday was “Wear Red for Women” day, to remind us that heart disease kills more American women than any form of cancer, and that we need to improve our eating, get a little more exercise, and take care of ourselves! This month is especially important to… Continue reading Heart-healthier Italian sausage-rigatoni bake


Italian Sausage- Vegetable Soup

I was hungry. It was a cold evening. I was dreaming of soup! Soup, the hot, savory, veggie-laden concoction that is so comforting, warming, and delicious on a chilly night. There is no end to the recipes you can invent and customize according to your likes and dislikes. Isn’t that fun? I decided to make… Continue reading Italian Sausage- Vegetable Soup


Autumn harvest mac & cheese

Dear fans of pasta, I have something new for you; it’s my Autumn Harvest Mac &  Cheese. It’s creamy, a bit salty and a touch sweet, and completely satisfying. And it contains bacon…need I say more?  😉 I have been looking forward to making some new things with butternut squash this fall. Now, butternut squash… Continue reading Autumn harvest mac & cheese


Southwestern wagon wheel pasta

I love old Westerns. I grew up watching reruns of Bonanza , The Big Valley, and Gunsmoke, not to mention old John Wayne flicks. Oh, and the amazing Clint Eastwood movies, too, but not until I was older. His Westerns were a bit more, shall we say, edgy! Definitely not for kids. I feel very patriotic… Continue reading Southwestern wagon wheel pasta


A homestyle Italian feast for fall: rigatoni with Italian sausage and vegetables

I have fallen in love, culinarily speaking, with pasta dishes that have no heavy sauces, simply because they take pasta in such a different direction than sauces laden with  cream, tomato sauce and beef. A lighter touch allows you to actually taste the delicious flavor of the rigatoni, so use a good quality pasta when… Continue reading A homestyle Italian feast for fall: rigatoni with Italian sausage and vegetables


Mama Steph’s Spicy chicken-radiatore soup

  I’m not Italian. Not even a little bit.  But I adore Italian cuisine, from the most basic, fresh primavera to the most decadent, creamy sauces. I could eat pasta on a daily basis and never tire of it. The herbs, the spices, everything they serve in an Italian restaurant or in an Italian grandmother’s kitchen,… Continue reading Mama Steph’s Spicy chicken-radiatore soup


Tortellini-vegetable soup – quick, comforting, good for you!

I think I’ve found a soup recipe that is pretty close to perfect, and I am excited to share it with you! As some of you know,  I’m a person who will eat soup even when it’s 100 degrees outside. In fact, it IS 100 degrees in East Texas today. Ugh. (Cooler weather is on… Continue reading Tortellini-vegetable soup – quick, comforting, good for you!


Cooking basics: garden pasta sauce

I have been blessed this year with an abundance of fresh, homegrown tomatoes. My brother-and-sister-in-law, Joe and Jill,  have shared from their vast garden, and my next door neighbors, Mildred and Charles Pool, have shared with me, as well (along with squash and cucumbers and eggplant!)  It has been a blessing! “In this world of… Continue reading Cooking basics: garden pasta sauce