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Summertime cool-down: Lemon ice cream pie

How about some icy cold lemon pie while we talk about “The New South?”

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Five sweet ideas for Mother’s Day treats

So, you don’t know exactly what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? I can tell you. Unless she’s told you something specific that she would like to have (you’ve been paying attention, haven’t you?) I can tell you right now what she wants. First, she wants to be told that she is loved. Not… Continue reading Five sweet ideas for Mother’s Day treats

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Tangy Springtime Lemon Squares

There’s no dessert that seems more like springtime to me than lemon squares. They’re so bright, fresh, and old-fashioned.  They’re the kind of dessert I picture Aunt Bee in Mayberry taking to church dinner on Easter. They’re cool and bright, which is just what I want in a warm-weather dessert. The lemon curd filling is… Continue reading Tangy Springtime Lemon Squares

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Moist lemon bundt cake

Lemons are simple. They’re bright, tart, happy, sunny. They make me think of a Sicilian housewife in white apron and her hair piled up on her head, stepping out of her kitchen door on a sunny day, out to the lemon tree to pluck a juicy citrus orb from the tree. They bring a sunny… Continue reading Moist lemon bundt cake

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Share your zucchini! Blueberry-zucchini cake with lemon-cream cheese frosting

Zucchini. Every year, everyone plants it in their gardens, and they water and feed and weed around the plants. Then the plants produce and produce and then produce some more, and what do we all do?     We complain about having too much zucchini. Then we try our best to find folks to share… Continue reading Share your zucchini! Blueberry-zucchini cake with lemon-cream cheese frosting


“Grandma, Is That You?” (Lemon Icebox Dessert)

Some desserts are so reminiscent of  “the good ol’ days” that they are skipped over when some bakers are skimming through cook books because they’re considered  passé.  They’re the forte of the Aunt Bees and grandmas of the world, not the stylish baker of today. However, I am of the opinion that old things are still… Continue reading “Grandma, Is That You?” (Lemon Icebox Dessert)


Berry Week Recipes: Day Two~ Lemon-Raspberry “Brownies”

I’m having so much fun with “Berry Week” this week on the blog and on In the Kitchen with Mama Steph on KLTV7.  I love fruit, and berries are so good for you and are easy to use in baking and cooking.  Yesterday’s Blueberry Crumb bars were well-received  and delicious, and today the folks at the station gave… Continue reading Berry Week Recipes: Day Two~ Lemon-Raspberry “Brownies”