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Chicken & tortellini soup, plus my latest vintage find

A perfect soup for fall, full of Italian herbs and spices, tender cheese tortellini, vegetables, and flavorful chicken. Also, I have a new vintage treasure to share with you…a piece of Le Creuset cookware! Come check it all out!

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Dad’s linguine with Italian sausage

Cooking together and eating around our little oval maple dining table were some of the best times in our house when I was growing up; I’ve told you before about the luscious crab cakes my family made the day we netted blue crabs on St. Joe Beach, about my mom’s fabulous fried chicken, and about… Continue reading Dad’s linguine with Italian sausage


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Italian sausage-stuffed shells and Batali’s meatballs in red wine-rosemary sauce

Mario Batali teaches me (via the magic of the small screen) how to make the best meatballs ever, and I pair them with my easy-to-make stuffed shells! Delizioso!


Italian Sausage- Vegetable Soup

I was hungry. It was a cold evening. I was dreaming of soup! Soup, the hot, savory, veggie-laden concoction that is so comforting, warming, and delicious on a chilly night. There is no end to the recipes you can invent and customize according to your likes and dislikes. Isn’t that fun? I decided to make… Continue reading Italian Sausage- Vegetable Soup


Mama Steph’s Spicy chicken-radiatore soup

  I’m not Italian. Not even a little bit.  But I adore Italian cuisine, from the most basic, fresh primavera to the most decadent, creamy sauces. I could eat pasta on a daily basis and never tire of it. The herbs, the spices, everything they serve in an Italian restaurant or in an Italian grandmother’s kitchen,… Continue reading Mama Steph’s Spicy chicken-radiatore soup


Decadent (and healthy!) Eggplant Lasagna

I love to cook. I really do. I completely enjoy finding new ways to use the ingredients that I love to create something that my family, my friends, and I will enjoy. If  the outcome is something that is good for us, that’s even better! When spring comes along, I begin longing for fresh vegetables from our… Continue reading Decadent (and healthy!) Eggplant Lasagna