Check out my weather pic on KLTV.com

Just a quick note about a picture of one of my favorite subjects: weather. I love the sky, specifically, and take many pictures of it nearly daily.  Today there was a fairly serious storm which involved falling temperatures, lightning and thunder, and a few tornadoes.  I heard the rumbling in the distance and went outside to check it out. Here’s the first picture I took:

Storm north of my house

Just a bit later, as it continued to progress, here  are some pics I snapped:

Storm east of Mineola
Storm; view from my front porch

Well, the fun thing is that my friends at KLTV-7, Joe Terrell and Ellen Krafve, asked me if  they could use my second picture, above, on their website in a story about today’s storms. Of course I said yes.  It was so nice of them to ask.  🙂 Here’s the link to the story:   KLTV: Storms pound north Texas

I thought that was fun, so I wanted to tell you guys about it.

Also, I  borrowed a camera to try out from my friend at Photogenics in Tyler, Eddie Hansen. It’s a Nikon D40x, which he had been using in his studio. He upgraded and now I’m thinking of buying this camera from him, mostly for taking food pics for this blog, sky pics, and family pics for my scrapbooks. So, the question is, am I smart enough to use such a nice, feature-rich camera? 🙂 We’ll see. I’ll show you some pictures as I take them.   I look forward to your feedback!


12 thoughts on “Check out my weather pic on KLTV.com

    1. Thanks, Angela! I thought it was pretty cool, too. I like the people at KLTV. They’re all so nice! 🙂
      I think I’ll end up buying this camera, but today, when I’m feeling better, I’ll take more pics and know more whether I can really do it! It makes me nervous, this technological stuff. 😉

  1. Thanks for the picture and shout out! The storm clouds were just what we needed for the story 🙂

    1. Shanda, what a beautiful thing to say! Thank you! I’m so happy to know you, too. I admire all you are doing in your life. (hug) Thanks for the encouragement, friend.

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