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Sweet & spicy muscadine wine pepper jelly

“Muscadines, muscadines, their overture of sweetness in the mouth and brain testifying to the Holy Trinity of Sun, Rain, and Dirt…” ~James Tighe (Have you tried muscadine pepper jelly? It’s fantastic!)

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Five sweet ideas for Mother’s Day treats

So, you don’t know exactly what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? I can tell you. Unless she’s told you something specific that she would like to have (you’ve been paying attention, haven’t you?) I can tell you right now what she wants. First, she wants to be told that she is loved. Not… Continue reading Five sweet ideas for Mother’s Day treats

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Three nearly-perfect weekend breakfast ideas

Where do you fall in the “breakfast vs. no breakfast” debate? Some of us can’t imagine a day without a good breakfast, while some can’t be bothered to stop to eat before heading out the door to their busy, nonstop days. Happily, that’s why weekends are so great! (Well, one of many reasons…) You can… Continue reading Three nearly-perfect weekend breakfast ideas


Loving The Past, Thankful For Today

I recently had the pleasure of spending a nice long time in my former hometown of Pensacola, Florida,  with my sister and two of my sons. I lived in Pensacola for ten years, and my sis still does. It’s a great city!  We had a lovely time, and, I have to admit, we ate a… Continue reading Loving The Past, Thankful For Today


Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Today was a snow day.  This is a big deal because here in East Texas, we don’t get much snow like some of our friends do all winter. It’s extra special to us! It also made me want to cook all day long.  I had the family home all day, so I made sure to… Continue reading Chicken Pot Pie Soup


Green Beans Like Mama’s and Laughing Until You Cry

Happy December, you guys! How was Thanksgiving for you?  I would love to hear all about what you wonderful friends of mine did for Thanksgiving! I hope it was all good and that you got to rest and enjoy people you love and eat yummy holiday food to your hearts’ content!  Maybe you could leave… Continue reading Green Beans Like Mama’s and Laughing Until You Cry


Sweet Potato Cranberry Bake

I get the joy of going to see my sister this coming week for Thanksgiving! I’m excited to see her and to be in Pensacola again for awhile.  Have you been to Pensacola, Florida?  Gorgeous beaches, amazing history, great museums, fun shopping, and more. I lived there for ten years, and am a graduate of… Continue reading Sweet Potato Cranberry Bake


Sunny boiled vanilla custard

I have said it before: I love recipe- sharing. I think we who love to cook and bake, whether for family, friends, customers, or ourselves, owe a great debt to the cooks and bakers who came before us.  And we owe it to the younger generations to “pay it forward.” I like to think about… Continue reading Sunny boiled vanilla custard


Memorial Day: Food and Family

Monday was a wonderful day for my family.  I hope it was for yours, too.   Memorial Day is a great day for us all to stop and remember those who died in the armed services for our country. Freedom isn’t free, as the saying goes.  It’s important to stop and pray, as we did,… Continue reading Memorial Day: Food and Family