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Italian sausage-stuffed shells and Batali’s meatballs in red wine-rosemary sauce

Mario Batali teaches me (via the magic of the small screen) how to make the best meatballs ever, and I pair them with my easy-to-make stuffed shells! Delizioso!


Grilled cheese for every craving + the soup to dunk it in!

There aren’t many simple foods that have the same level of cult status as grilled cheese sandwiches. And it’s with good reason; they a warm, crispy and buttery on the outside, and melty, cheesy and decadent on the inside. Add to that the fact that it takes about ten minutes to prepare them, and you… Continue reading Grilled cheese for every craving + the soup to dunk it in!


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Dinner in 10: One pan spicy tomato pasta

How about an easy-to-make and easy-to-eat pasta for dinner? This is one that I’ve made three times over the past month. It’s simple: put some fresh tomatoes across the bottom of your skillet, top with dry pasta and some veggies and spices, pour water over the whole thing, and stir as it cooks for nine… Continue reading Dinner in 10: One pan spicy tomato pasta

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Three nearly-perfect weekend breakfast ideas

Where do you fall in the “breakfast vs. no breakfast” debate? Some of us can’t imagine a day without a good breakfast, while some can’t be bothered to stop to eat before heading out the door to their busy, nonstop days. Happily, that’s why weekends are so great! (Well, one of many reasons…) You can… Continue reading Three nearly-perfect weekend breakfast ideas

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Spaghetti carbonara: Italy’s comfort food

There are versions of comfort food in every culture. For some, it’s macaroni and cheese, while for others, it’s garlic soup or lentil stew. I never really thought  much about the comfort food of other countries until recently. I love my own comfort food, like  buttermilk biscuits or the aforementioned macaroni and cheese. But then… Continue reading Spaghetti carbonara: Italy’s comfort food

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Simple pasta alla checca

In the summertime, when we are all blessedly swimming in fresh tomatoes, whether homegrown or from the farmers market, we eat our fair share of tomato sandwiches, salads, and the like. But what else can you do with fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes? This year, we have something new to do with those gorgeous, juicy orbs. It’s my… Continue reading Simple pasta alla checca

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Sausage-gnocchi soup – a six ingredient recipe!

Hey you, tired person about to doze off looking at the screen…wake up! Just long enough to read this.  🙂 I know you’re busy. You work, whether inside your home or outside (perhaps both), you may be a parent, and you’re  just as busy as I am.  Some days we don’t know whether we’re coming… Continue reading Sausage-gnocchi soup – a six ingredient recipe!

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A nice, warm breakfast: Bacon pull-apart bread

There are just some things you can’t go wrong with, in my book. For instance, bacon. Bread. Cheese. These are a few of my favorite things! (cue Julie Andrews!)   This pull-apart bread features those favorite things together in one delicious savory treat. The bread is soft and fluffy, the bacon is crisp and delicious,… Continue reading A nice, warm breakfast: Bacon pull-apart bread


Southwestern wagon wheel pasta

I love old Westerns. I grew up watching reruns of Bonanza , The Big Valley, and Gunsmoke, not to mention old John Wayne flicks. Oh, and the amazing Clint Eastwood movies, too, but not until I was older. His Westerns were a bit more, shall we say, edgy! Definitely not for kids. I feel very patriotic… Continue reading Southwestern wagon wheel pasta

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For back-to-school: simple, savory breakfast pizza

  Back-to-school: three little words that make kids cringe, knowing that they bring to an end the freedom and fun of summer. But it won’t take long until they get back into the groove of classes and friends, of early-rising and chilly mornings, of falling leaves and football games. When I was growing up, I… Continue reading For back-to-school: simple, savory breakfast pizza