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Have you ever drunk a Purple Cow?

A simple recipe for a drink I call a Purple Cow has always  made my boys very happy. It makes me happy, too, because the PC packs a healthy dose of fruit, and is loaded with potassium, vitamin C, calcium, and fiber for their growing bodies. I’ve made these for years…it’s a healthy drink (unlike… Continue reading Have you ever drunk a Purple Cow?


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Savory bacon-veggie hotcakes: one pan, loads of flavor

Recently on Good Morning East Texas, I was asked to share a recipe that would be handy to pull out during the holidays to make for visiting family members and friends. Something different, but not difficult, I thought, is what I would like to share with everyone. I shared a recipe inspired by  a recipe… Continue reading Savory bacon-veggie hotcakes: one pan, loads of flavor

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Spiced apple-pumpkin bread with dried cranberries

What a miracle…a white Christmas in East Texas!  I’ve lived in Texas for 14 years now, and though we’ve had snow at other  times, we’ve never had an actual white Christmas….until yesterday.     It was fun and so beautiful. It made the day even more special. Also, I got to feed kids and family… Continue reading Spiced apple-pumpkin bread with dried cranberries

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A nice, warm breakfast: Bacon pull-apart bread

There are just some things you can’t go wrong with, in my book. For instance, bacon. Bread. Cheese. These are a few of my favorite things! (cue Julie Andrews!)   This pull-apart bread features those favorite things together in one delicious savory treat. The bread is soft and fluffy, the bacon is crisp and delicious,… Continue reading A nice, warm breakfast: Bacon pull-apart bread

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The perfect banana bread

I know you’ve been searching, just as I have, for the perfect banana bread recipe. There are breads out there that use chocolate chips, various nuts, pumpkin, bacon, and all kinds of other wonderful things to add to banana bread. I have enjoyed many of them! Read: This week’s column on Tom Petty and the… Continue reading The perfect banana bread

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Mama Steph’s pumpkin pie pancakes

Rainy weekend mornings inspire me to create something warm and comforting for breakfast. I love to allow the scent of something delicious cooking in the kitchen lure my sons from their beds in the morning.   I figured out a great way to do that this morning: pumpkin pie pancakes, sizzling gently in my skillet.… Continue reading Mama Steph’s pumpkin pie pancakes

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For back-to-school: simple, savory breakfast pizza

  Back-to-school: three little words that make kids cringe, knowing that they bring to an end the freedom and fun of summer. But it won’t take long until they get back into the groove of classes and friends, of early-rising and chilly mornings, of falling leaves and football games. When I was growing up, I… Continue reading For back-to-school: simple, savory breakfast pizza

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Share your zucchini! Blueberry-zucchini cake with lemon-cream cheese frosting

Zucchini. Every year, everyone plants it in their gardens, and they water and feed and weed around the plants. Then the plants produce and produce and then produce some more, and what do we all do?     We complain about having too much zucchini. Then we try our best to find folks to share… Continue reading Share your zucchini! Blueberry-zucchini cake with lemon-cream cheese frosting

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Mama Steph’s blueberry-peach breakfast cake

There’s no better recipe for fun in the summertime than going to the beach. Walking along the sandy shore, feeling the cool water on your toes, smelling the scent of the salty air on the breeze, and hearing the waves and gulls singing for joy…. There’s nothing like it. Well,  I’m not able to get… Continue reading Mama Steph’s blueberry-peach breakfast cake

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Rustic blueberry-peach galette

There’s a lot to love about peaches. They have their unique, velvet-y skin,  soft, juicy flesh, and the fragrant aroma that gets even sweeter when the flesh is warmed by the sun to perfect ripeness.  Remember how it feels when you bite into a warm peach, and the juice dribbles down your chin as soon… Continue reading Rustic blueberry-peach galette