Make your own cold-brew coffee in 3 easy steps

Cold-brew coffee is a popular drink in coffeehouses, and I checked it out for myself to find out why it’s become a favorite of so many coffee lovers. I discovered that cold-brew coffee has a smooth flavor that is completely lacking bitterness, which, for me, was a great quality. I set out to learn how to make it myself so I could enjoy it at home, and share the method with you, too!

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It’s simple, really. I read dozens of recipes about how to make it at home, some methods requiring special pots and equipment. But I settled upon my own method that requires just a few simple things that I already had on hand: a large jar (must be able to hold just over 5 cups), a mesh strainer, and a pitcher. I have a very large Mason jar from a vintage store that works perfectly; use whatever you have that will hold at least 5 cups. Glass is best, as it doesn’t retain flavors of other foods

Mama Steph’s Easy Cold-brew Coffee:

One cup of good quality ground coffee
One quart of filtered water

Pour the ground coffee into the large, clean jar. Pour in the cold filtered water, screw on a lid, and gently shake. Set on the counter top for at least 12 hours. (24 hours is even better…yields stronger concentrate).

After at least 12 hours have passed, place the strainer over a tall mixing bowl or other large container tall enough to keep the strainer suspended over the coffee as it drains into the bowl.

Line the strainer with a paper towel and a coffee filter. (I consider the paper towel backup, in case the filter spills out.)


Slowly pour the coffee from the jar into the strainer over the bowl, and allow to strain until no more drips are seen. Replace the filter, if needed, and pour in the rest of the coffee. When completely finished straining, you can pour the perfect coffee into a clean jar, carafe or pitcher, and store in the fridge. This concentrate lasts for several weeks, but I drink it up within a few days because I LOVE IT.

Mama Steph's Cold Brew Coffee

Try it over ice (I make coffee ice cubes in a tray so my iced coffee never gets diluted), or warm it up in a mug. I like it over the coffee ice cubes, with a little milk and stevia for sweetness. Sometimes I add 1/8 tsp. of my homemade vanilla extract. My son laughs at me for sweetening up  my coffee, but I can’t help it. I’m just that kind of girl.

If you want a snack, try my cinnamon-chocolate chip cookie bars with your coffee. They’re chewy, packed with cinnamon and chocolate flavor, and they’re very simple to make with ingredients you likely have on hand.

Let me know how you like these recipes! You can email me at MamaStephF@gmail.com or visit me on Facebook by clicking here.

Copyright 2015 Stephanie Hill Frazier. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Make your own cold-brew coffee in 3 easy steps

  1. I can’t to try the cold coffee tomorrow. When I have this concentrate how much do you use to make a glass of ice coffee ? I know I can experiment but I would like a BALLPARK idea so I don’t waste it on to strong a dose

    1. Hi Chris! I like to make about one cup coffee and add to it about 1/2 cup 2% milk. Then I sweeten it with a shot of vanilla sugar free coffee syrup, because I’m not woman enough to do it without flavor, apparently. 🙂

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