“Grandma, Is That You?” (Lemon Icebox Dessert)

Some desserts are so reminiscent of  “the good ol’ days” that they are skipped over when some bakers are skimming through cook books because they’re considered  passé.  They’re the forte of the Aunt Bees and grandmas of the world, not the stylish baker of today. However, I am of the opinion that old things are still… Continue reading “Grandma, Is That You?” (Lemon Icebox Dessert)



Fried Green Tomatoes and an Old Courthouse

This week has been a week for me to really walk down “old-school” lane. I love old things: antique furniture, dusty old books with the names of long-gone people scrawled inside the cover, old movies, old recipes, old homes, and the like.  I lean toward the nostalgic.  That’s why I’ve enjoyed this week. Now, don’t… Continue reading Fried Green Tomatoes and an Old Courthouse