Farmers Market recipes

Grits with summer vegetable sauté

We have a good-natured joke down here in the South about a man from “up North” who visits a diner in a small Southern town and is asked by the waitress, “would you like grits with that?” and the man says, “sure, I’ll try one.”  🙂 Grits are one of the signature foods of the… Continue reading Grits with summer vegetable sauté



A Gracious Plenty of Peaches

I’ve been reading through the book A Gracious Plenty ~ Recipes and Recollections from the American South, which has been as pleasurable as a stroll through a favorite relative’s old scrapbook.  I highly recommend it to you if you enjoy vintage Southern stories and recipes, as I do.  There are many recipes in the book that… Continue reading A Gracious Plenty of Peaches


Homemade Banana Pudding

Sunday I had the day at home alone; I spent the time preparing for my trip to see my wonderful sister in NW Florida for the whole week! I’m so excited to see her, and I’ll try to take some really good pictures to share with you guys, especially of the beautiful, and as yet… Continue reading Homemade Banana Pudding