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Sweet & spicy muscadine wine pepper jelly

“Muscadines, muscadines, their overture of sweetness in the mouth and brain testifying to the Holy Trinity of Sun, Rain, and Dirt…” ~James Tighe (Have you tried muscadine pepper jelly? It’s fantastic!)

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Southern-style pizza: Greens and bacon pizza with fig preserves drizzle

Without question, pizza is a thoroughly-loved American food, though it has those gorgeous Italian roots, and it’s fun to try different pizza recipes, customized to your likes and your region’s abundance. I made two such pizzas over the past few days.  The first was simple and fast, and used plenteous ingredients in my area right… Continue reading Southern-style pizza: Greens and bacon pizza with fig preserves drizzle


Cooking basics: Chicken and Dumplings

There are many foods that bring to mind my mama. Crispy fried chicken and biscuits, fried Gulf shrimp and hushpuppies, tuna casserole, beef stew and many more. Not fancy food, by any means, but good. Really good. Another food that reminds me of mom, and that is distinctly Southern in origin, is chicken and dumplings.… Continue reading Cooking basics: Chicken and Dumplings


Southern-style ‘Colonel Taters’

There is only a small group of people who know what Colonel taters are. Well, at least until you all read this, and then you’ll know, and will be sort of like part of my family. 🙂 You see, there’s a now-deceased uncle in our family whose name was Bill Ables. Colonel Bill Ables, to… Continue reading Southern-style ‘Colonel Taters’

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More love for grits

“Feasting is also closely related to memory. We eat certain things in a particular way in order to remember who we are. Why else would you eat grits in Madison, New Jersey?” Jeff Smith, ‘The Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast’ (1995) If you have read my blog in past days, or if you really know… Continue reading More love for grits

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Grits: The New “Cool” Food?

I have been eating grits since I was a toddler.  Grits were in regular rotation in my mom’s kitchen, usually for breakfast,  but also with fish for dinner sometimes. Our typical ways of eating grits were with a sunny-side-up egg mixed in, topped with salt and pepper, or with American cheese mixed into a bowl… Continue reading Grits: The New “Cool” Food?