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7-minute side dish: skillet-roasted potato dumplings

I’ve been missing my mom lately, and comforting myself at times with food that reminds me of her. Do you ever do that? Crave a meal or dish or dessert that reminds you of someone you love? Food is closely tied to our memories. Almost every time someone mentions, for instance, their grandmother, they’ll say… Continue reading 7-minute side dish: skillet-roasted potato dumplings



Southern-style ‘Colonel Taters’

There is only a small group of people who know what Colonel taters are. Well, at least until you all read this, and then you’ll know, and will be sort of like part of my family. 🙂 You see, there’s a now-deceased uncle in our family whose name was Bill Ables. Colonel Bill Ables, to… Continue reading Southern-style ‘Colonel Taters’


My New Romance with Risotto

As I’ve mentioned before, I was raised on white rice and potatoes. My dad was born and raised in South Carolina, where rice is a staple crop. He loved it! So I was raised to love it, too, in its sticky, gummy whiteness, usually bathed in a pool of chicken gravy. There was even a… Continue reading My New Romance with Risotto


Savory Stuffed Tomatoes

I have been having a fantastic time in the past year just walking through doors that are opening for me in “foodie” circles.  It has shown me several things.  For instance, if you love people, many of them will love you back.   Also, if you do what you love doing, even if you are doing… Continue reading Savory Stuffed Tomatoes