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Easy Sunday morning muffins

I looked into my cabinets this morning, after a week of work and activity that kept me very busy, and realized that there wasn’t much in there to work with! My last trip to the grocery store was eight days ago.  Hmm. It was challenging and, honestly, a bit of a relief.  Limited ingredients  eliminates… Continue reading Easy Sunday morning muffins



Fall baking kick-off: Pumpkin Blondies

It’s finally here: at 4:05 am CST today, autumn arrived! This is such a fun time of year; it feels like home to me.  There’s something about the scents of cloves and nutmeg, the sight of  fat, cheerful pumpkins, and the taste of apples and cinnamon that make me feel comforted and happy. It’s the… Continue reading Fall baking kick-off: Pumpkin Blondies