Cooking Basics: Roasted sweet potatoes

Ok, so maybe the idea of roasted sweet potatoes doesn’t get you all stirred up like, say, a pan of red velvet brownies cut into heart shapes or something equally charming. But let me defend the merits of the roasted sweet potato: sweet potatoes are available year ’round, they’re easily made delicious when prepared correctly,… Continue reading Cooking Basics: Roasted sweet potatoes


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For back-to-school: simple, savory breakfast pizza

  Back-to-school: three little words that make kids cringe, knowing that they bring to an end the freedom and fun of summer. But it won’t take long until they get back into the groove of classes and friends, of early-rising and chilly mornings, of falling leaves and football games. When I was growing up, I… Continue reading For back-to-school: simple, savory breakfast pizza


Simple Crème Brûlée Pie

I had extra eggs in my fridge this week, as I had bought some of my friend Melanie’s Aracauna chicken eggs to play with with my camera.  They are so beautiful! I love the pale blue color of them.   Here they are mixed with some brown eggs: I really want to keep chickens, but others… Continue reading Simple Crème Brûlée Pie


Sunny boiled vanilla custard

I have said it before: I love recipe- sharing. I think we who love to cook and bake, whether for family, friends, customers, or ourselves, owe a great debt to the cooks and bakers who came before us.  And we owe it to the younger generations to “pay it forward.” I like to think about… Continue reading Sunny boiled vanilla custard