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Pumpkin pie muffins with homemade whipped cream – An easy recipe

I made a treat for a work friend whose last day at our tv station was Friday. Brad is moving on to further his education, which I applaud! However, since he’s been someone I’ve enjoyed working with as he cheerfully ran camera for my cooking segments, helped me post stories to our website, and other… Continue reading Pumpkin pie muffins with homemade whipped cream – An easy recipe


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Cooking basics: Slow-cooker apple butter

Apple butter is a must for my fall each year. Its flavor and fragrance are so reminiscent of my childhood years that I make sure to either make or buy some every autumn. A few years ago I learned that making my own isn’t terribly difficult, so I made it yearly for my family,  but… Continue reading Cooking basics: Slow-cooker apple butter

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Cooking basics: Cinnamon-butter acorn squash

I am a big fan of most types of squash, as long as it’s cooked the right way. My dad used to cook yellow squash in a sauce pan with a lot of onion and some water for moisture, and if I’m not mistaken, some bacon. The squash would basically turn into mush, and I… Continue reading Cooking basics: Cinnamon-butter acorn squash

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Mama Steph’s bread puddings: simply decadent comfort food

  Bread pudding is such a lovely traditional Southern dessert. Food historians say that it was originally made by home cooks who, due to necessity, didn’t waste a scrap of food, ever. When there was stale bread, some genius, practical cook decided to break it up into chunks and pour a custardy liquid over the bread, adding in other things that… Continue reading Mama Steph’s bread puddings: simply decadent comfort food


Caramel apple snack cake for back-to-school

There has always been a lot of buzz about apples. (No, not the Steve Jobs kind…the fruit.)   An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. An apple for teacher. You’re the apple of my eye. And there’s that whole Garden of Eden thing….   How did… Continue reading Caramel apple snack cake for back-to-school

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Easy Sunday morning muffins

I looked into my cabinets this morning, after a week of work and activity that kept me very busy, and realized that there wasn’t much in there to work with! My last trip to the grocery store was eight days ago.  Hmm. It was challenging and, honestly, a bit of a relief.  Limited ingredients  eliminates… Continue reading Easy Sunday morning muffins


Fall baking kick-off: Pumpkin Blondies

It’s finally here: at 4:05 am CST today, autumn arrived! This is such a fun time of year; it feels like home to me.  There’s something about the scents of cloves and nutmeg, the sight of  fat, cheerful pumpkins, and the taste of apples and cinnamon that make me feel comforted and happy. It’s the… Continue reading Fall baking kick-off: Pumpkin Blondies


Who wants dessert? Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars

I have been enjoying working on my baking segment the past week and a half. Really, it’s so much fun that I can’t believe I get to do it!  It is a lot of hard work, I have to admit. For each of those three and a half minute segments, there have been hours spent  researching… Continue reading Who wants dessert? Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars


MamaSteph’s Super Cinnamon-y Snickerdoodles

“Cinnamon bites and kisses simultaneously.” ~ Vanna Bonta I adore cinnamon. Cinnamon candles are my favorite to burn.  I love the scent of red hots, and I get happy when  walking by Cinnabon in a mall and getting a whiff of the amazing scent of yeast and cinnamon!  Something about the scent of cinnamon is… Continue reading MamaSteph’s Super Cinnamon-y Snickerdoodles


Crock Pot Apple Cobbler Experiment

Do you ever hear the sound of fresh produce calling you from the refrigerator? “Use me, use me, do something with me before I go bad…..”   I have been hearing this from some fresh apples I had in the produce drawer of my fridge for days.  I made the decision; today was the day. (It… Continue reading Crock Pot Apple Cobbler Experiment