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Healthy fast food: spicy fajita steak & veggie saute

The delicious fun continues in my kitchen! I am on a mission: to keep us all out of the fast food drive-thru lane as often as possible. Now, I’m not saying that I (or you) will never go through a drive-thru again, nor eat in their familiar little plastic dining rooms. Of course we will.… Continue reading Healthy fast food: spicy fajita steak & veggie saute



Southwestern wagon wheel pasta

I love old Westerns. I grew up watching reruns of Bonanza , The Big Valley, and Gunsmoke, not to mention old John Wayne flicks. Oh, and the amazing Clint Eastwood movies, too, but not until I was older. His Westerns were a bit more, shall we say, edgy! Definitely not for kids. I feel very patriotic… Continue reading Southwestern wagon wheel pasta


Mama Steph’s Pizza Beans

  Do you have one of those adorably finicky kids (or spouses) whom you have to practically beg to eat vegetables? You do it because you love them, want them to be healthy, get lots of nutrients in their bodies, and fight cancer and heart disease.  However, most of the time, this kind of finicky… Continue reading Mama Steph’s Pizza Beans


Let’s Talk (Speckled) Turkey (Chili)!

I’m sitting in my kitchen right now, at the bar, and am completely content.  Two of my sons are playing a game together. The other one is taking an afternoon nap, as are the dog, Abby, and cat, Moose.  I have chicken boiling on the stove in a big, shiny pot full of onions and… Continue reading Let’s Talk (Speckled) Turkey (Chili)!