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Sweet & spicy muscadine wine pepper jelly

“Muscadines, muscadines, their overture of sweetness in the mouth and brain testifying to the Holy Trinity of Sun, Rain, and Dirt…” ~James Tighe (Have you tried muscadine pepper jelly? It’s fantastic!)

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Cooking basics: Making fresh butter

      I think the reason I love butter is that I was denied it for so many years. Not maliciously, of course. You see, I grew up in the 1970s, and in those days, every housewife used margarine. They were told it was better for their families, and it was less expensive than… Continue reading Cooking basics: Making fresh butter

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Grammy’s perfect fig preserves

My maternal grandmother’s name was Martha Stephenson Hardin (I’m named Stephanie in honor of the Stephenson surname) and she was an orphan. The very fact that she and her sisters, Agnes and Helen, were orphaned when they were young makes me extra proud of her as a woman when I think of the things she… Continue reading Grammy’s perfect fig preserves

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Cooking basics: Cinnamon-butter acorn squash

I am a big fan of most types of squash, as long as it’s cooked the right way. My dad used to cook yellow squash in a sauce pan with a lot of onion and some water for moisture, and if I’m not mistaken, some bacon. The squash would basically turn into mush, and I… Continue reading Cooking basics: Cinnamon-butter acorn squash

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Save a little summer sun in your freezer: Freezing fresh tomatoes

A few years back when my three boys were little and we lived down in Anderson County on an acre of beautiful, chicken-poop fortified black dirt, I grew tomatoes. Not just a few tomatoes. My husband put in 40 or more tomato plants, along with corn, various varieties of peppers, purple hull peas, and butterbeans.… Continue reading Save a little summer sun in your freezer: Freezing fresh tomatoes