Mama Steph’s Top 5 Cookies (to make your spirit bright!)

I love these cookie recipes, so I thought I’d share for those of you who are baking for family, friends, cookie swaps, office parties, etc. Enjoy, and let me know if you find one you love! 🙂

In Mama Steph's Kitchen

You can’t eat a cookie and be sad at the same time. It’s been said before, and I have to reiterate. Cookies make one’s spirit bright! Cookies are a childhood treat that, if only for a few moments, transport you to childhood to remember the simple pleasure of tasting a specially-made, warm, delicious cookie and maybe even dunking it in a glass of ice-cold milk. And none of the soy or fat-free stuff we are all drinking now… whole milk, creamy, cold, and white. Ahh, those were the good old days!

Well, let’s all relax for a minute and read over a few recipes that are tried and true in my own kitchen, and that I think you will love. If you package them in a pretty gift bag, your recipient will love them, too!  (I have found really cute, inexpensive bags to package holiday cookies in at Hobby Lobby…

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One thought on “Mama Steph’s Top 5 Cookies (to make your spirit bright!)

  1. Cookies look great. I have another question. I have a fantastic recipe for Marquita Cake (no alcohol in it). It calls for a lot of Lime Zest (cake and frosting) but I have nothing to use the limes for afterwards. I was wondering if I could use dried Zest with green food coloring instead or would this change the taste?
    Thank you. Love your site. Della

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