I’m currently sitting in a quiet classroom at our homeschool co-op,  watching some high school students agonize over grammar, algebra, and composition writing.  I remember those days, and not always fondly! It can be difficult to be a teenager.  We don’t always have much self-awareness at that age, and we are so unsure of who we are we often try to emulate others who seem to know who they are. It’s always interesting to me to find out that some of those kids were just playing a part; they didn’t really know who they were then, either. Strange revelation. At the time, I thought they were perfect and I was a screw-up. Some of them felt like a mess, too.

This is just a reminder for you.  You still may not feel complete in who you are now, if you’re an adult. You may still be searching for wholeness, fulfillment, God, a career, a spouse, or  myriad other things. Some of you are just trying to pay the bills this month. Who has time to think about fulfillment when you just want to keep food on the table? I understand that. Almost every life has had its seasons of feasting and of famine.  Wherever you are today, know that God is there in the midst of it. You are not alone. Know that there are people who think you are amazing, even when you feel unnoticed. Know that you have talents and abilities that you may still be unaware of.  And know that you don’t have to stay the same.  Life is living, and living things move and grow and change.  Nothing is hopeless. A situation is usually not forever, so don’t give up! If you’re not having any fun, you will get hard, and cranky.  You’ve met hard, cranky people, haven’t you? Don’t be that.

Learn how to make something new.  Read a book that’s entirely for fun. Pick up a camera and snap a few pictures of something you think is pretty or dramatic.  Call a friend or relative whom you love to talk to.  Share your cookies with a neighbor.  Pick your chin up and look at the amazing sky above you.  Just get outside of yourself!  Reach out into the world! Don’t take everything so seriously.  Life is too short. Enjoy every little detail that you can.   Much love to you, friends!

“Be a child again.  Flirt.  Giggle.  Dip your cookies in your milk. Take a nap.  Say you’re sorry if you hurt someone. Chase a butterfly.  Be a child again.”  ~Max Lucado

6 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Mamastephf….wonderfully written. You, my friend, are a modern day philosopher. More people should read what you have written and listen to those words…not just with their brains…but with their spirits and hearts. Thanks you for seeing with yours.

  2. that was great!!!! You are an awesome awesome lady, One day I hope to make it to town just to hang out with you.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, MamaStephf! Uplifting, heartwarming, encouraging, generous, transparent. What tremendous gifts you have, and how very grateful I am that you have the courage to share so many of them with us: your cooking skills, your writing and photography talents, your deep spirituality. No doubt there are many more… not quite so visible to us, perhaps, but bubbling just beneath the surface nonetheless. Thank you and God bless you!

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