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Mama Steph’s banana-peach breakfast bread

I’ve been craving peaches lately. Fresh, warm from the sun, sweet peaches. Soft with ripeness and velvet-y fuzz. The scent when you hold this kind of peach to your nose is sweet and fragrant, and when you bite into one, the juice drips down your chin if it’s a really good one. But it’s May,… Continue reading Mama Steph’s banana-peach breakfast bread

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Vintage Peach Bread for Your Vintage Dad

A little peach in an orchard grew, A little peach of emerald hue; Warmed by the sun and wet by the dew It grew. – Eugene Field, The Little Peach I am still enjoying the fresh, juicy peaches that I got at Ham’s Orchard earlier this week. (Did I mention to you that they were still warm… Continue reading Vintage Peach Bread for Your Vintage Dad