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Spaghetti carbonara: Italy’s comfort food

There are versions of comfort food in every culture. For some, it’s macaroni and cheese, while for others, it’s garlic soup or lentil stew. I never really thought  much about the comfort food of other countries until recently. I love my own comfort food, like  buttermilk biscuits or the aforementioned macaroni and cheese. But then… Continue reading Spaghetti carbonara: Italy’s comfort food


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Farm Stand Fridays: Summer vegetable gratin

I had the honor recently of being the guest chef in the demonstration kitchen at FRESH by Brookshire’s in Tyler. It was so much fun, as always, and I loved being able to focus on the produce that is so abundant here in Texas all summer; local produce from local farmers. It’s something we all… Continue reading Farm Stand Fridays: Summer vegetable gratin


Savory Stuffed Tomatoes

I have been having a fantastic time in the past year just walking through doors that are opening for me in “foodie” circles.  It has shown me several things.  For instance, if you love people, many of them will love you back.   Also, if you do what you love doing, even if you are doing… Continue reading Savory Stuffed Tomatoes