Cooking Basics: Roasted sweet potatoes

Ok, so maybe the idea of roasted sweet potatoes doesn’t get you all stirred up like, say, a pan of red velvet brownies cut into heart shapes or something equally charming. But let me defend the merits of the roasted sweet potato: sweet potatoes are available year ’round, they’re easily made delicious when prepared correctly,… Continue reading Cooking Basics: Roasted sweet potatoes


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Mama Steph’s pumpkin pie pancakes

Rainy weekend mornings inspire me to create something warm and comforting for breakfast. I love to allow the scent of something delicious cooking in the kitchen lure my sons from their beds in the morning.   I figured out a great way to do that this morning: pumpkin pie pancakes, sizzling gently in my skillet.… Continue reading Mama Steph’s pumpkin pie pancakes


Quick & healthy weeknight meal: Mama Steph’s black bean soup & oven baked fish sticks

I am trying to become one of those responsible adults who make certain to eat two servings of fish a week to get the health benefits of the Omega-3 fatty acids that fish contain.    Now, I grew up in the beautiful Northwest Florida area, and the types of fish I grew up with were… Continue reading Quick & healthy weeknight meal: Mama Steph’s black bean soup & oven baked fish sticks


Ease into autumn with acorn squash

With fall’s arrival comes a change at local farm stands and in grocery store produce sections: replacing summery berries and other hot weather fruit, or at least taking its place beside those things, are fall vegetables.  The sight of these vegetables make me feel a sense of comfort and coziness; like a warm afghan crocheted… Continue reading Ease into autumn with acorn squash