Mama Steph’s Spicy chicken-radiatore soup

  I’m not Italian. Not even a little bit.  But I adore Italian cuisine, from the most basic, fresh primavera to the most decadent, creamy sauces. I could eat pasta on a daily basis and never tire of it. The herbs, the spices, everything they serve in an Italian restaurant or in an Italian grandmother’s kitchen,… Continue reading Mama Steph’s Spicy chicken-radiatore soup



Simplified chicken fried rice

I recently had a craving for the awesome “Chinese food”  my mom made our family when I was growing up. The night mom made this was not just another night; it was an occasion. She had a very specific recipe that she developed. She used an old blue Chinese cookbook and pulled from several recipes… Continue reading Simplified chicken fried rice


Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Today was a snow day.  This is a big deal because here in East Texas, we don’t get much snow like some of our friends do all winter. It’s extra special to us! It also made me want to cook all day long.  I had the family home all day, so I made sure to… Continue reading Chicken Pot Pie Soup