Mama Steph’s “quik” frozen banana coffee smoothie

Williams-Sonoma, a favorite longtime culinary resource, is celebrating smoothie week this week! Smoothies are perfect for busy, hungry, or impatient people, because they’re easy to make in a hurry, they fill you up with creamy goodness, and they can be as decadent or as healthful as you like. I often enjoy being creative and making… Continue reading Mama Steph’s “quik” frozen banana coffee smoothie

Breakfast and brunch

The perfect banana bread

I know you’ve been searching, just as I have, for the perfect banana bread recipe. There are breads out there that use chocolate chips, various nuts, pumpkin, bacon, and all kinds of other wonderful things to add to banana bread. I have enjoyed many of them! Read: This week’s column on Tom Petty and the… Continue reading The perfect banana bread

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Let’s Pretend We’re Not Hot: The Fabulous Frosty Fruitalicious Smoothie

It’s hot  sultry  scorching  blistering outside this summer!  I’m sure you’ve noticed! This is the kind of summer wherein you walk outside and your makeup immediately begins melting off of your skin, and the grass under your flip-flops is crunchy.  The heat has me longing for October and its cooler temperatures, and the fall cooking… Continue reading Let’s Pretend We’re Not Hot: The Fabulous Frosty Fruitalicious Smoothie


Homemade Banana Pudding

Sunday I had the day at home alone; I spent the time preparing for my trip to see my wonderful sister in NW Florida for the whole week! I’m so excited to see her, and I’ll try to take some really good pictures to share with you guys, especially of the beautiful, and as yet… Continue reading Homemade Banana Pudding