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Cooking basics: Slow-cooker apple butter

Apple butter is a must for my fall each year. Its flavor and fragrance are so reminiscent of my childhood years that I make sure to either make or buy some every autumn. A few years ago I learned that making my own isn’t terribly difficult, so I made it yearly for my family,  but… Continue reading Cooking basics: Slow-cooker apple butter



The real deal apple-cinnamon oatmeal

Remember those chilly mornings when your mom would tear open a packet of instant oatmeal with apples and cinnamon flavoring, pour it into a bowl and add hot water? Or maybe she would stick it in the microwave? Okay, I will admit, I really did like that when I was little. It was sweet, and… Continue reading The real deal apple-cinnamon oatmeal


Fruit and nut-stuffed baked apples, and a visit to Sesame Street

One of my favorite childhood memory-related scents is that of plump apples baking in the oven on a cold day. My mother would core the apples, drop some butter, cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar in the centers, and bake them until the house filled with that perfect, delicious scent. I remember sitting on… Continue reading Fruit and nut-stuffed baked apples, and a visit to Sesame Street


Chewy peanut butter-cereal treats

  There are so many things to enjoy about fall: cooler weather, football games, colorful soft scarves, warm comfort foods, and the anticipation of all the holidays that occur from October through December.  I love it all! I love pumpkins, scarecrows, mums, and apple cider. What a comfortable, cozy time of year. Here’s a snack… Continue reading Chewy peanut butter-cereal treats


Caramel apple snack cake for back-to-school

There has always been a lot of buzz about apples. (No, not the Steve Jobs kind…the fruit.)   An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. An apple for teacher. You’re the apple of my eye. And there’s that whole Garden of Eden thing….   How did… Continue reading Caramel apple snack cake for back-to-school


No-bake peanut butter-white chocolate chip bars

Fall baking: the prospect of it makes me cheerful.  It’s one of the pleasures of the season, for me; it reminds me of my growing-up years, and the comfort there was sitting on the big oval braided rug in the living room in our home in N.C., watching Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, while… Continue reading No-bake peanut butter-white chocolate chip bars


Apple-Raspberry Skillet Cobbler

Don’t you love it when you have leftover produce and you get to figure out what to do with it, coming up with (you hope) some delicious new dish or dessert?  I do.  It makes us think creatively, and in the kitchen, that’s important.  Sometimes we forget to try new things, making the same old… Continue reading Apple-Raspberry Skillet Cobbler


Apples and Gratefulness

I have been blessed in many ways in my lifetime.  I mean, really,  haven’t we all?  We’ve all had difficulties and even tragedies, as we’ve witnessed in recent days and weeks in many tornado-stricken parts of the U.S.  I see the beauty rising from the debris already, though. It’s always breath-taking to see what happens… Continue reading Apples and Gratefulness


Who wants dessert? Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars

I have been enjoying working on my baking segment the past week and a half. Really, it’s so much fun that I can’t believe I get to do it!  It is a lot of hard work, I have to admit. For each of those three and a half minute segments, there have been hours spent  researching… Continue reading Who wants dessert? Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars


Crock Pot Apple Cobbler Experiment

Do you ever hear the sound of fresh produce calling you from the refrigerator? “Use me, use me, do something with me before I go bad…..”   I have been hearing this from some fresh apples I had in the produce drawer of my fridge for days.  I made the decision; today was the day. (It… Continue reading Crock Pot Apple Cobbler Experiment